Our Story

Bradley Church has a long and rich history of service to the community known as West Gastonia.

In the beginning, Bradley Church was known as Franklin Avenue Methodist Church South.  In March 1906, at a quarterly conference of West End Methodist (now Covenant) a building committee was selected to construct a new church, completed in 1907, to be located at 1315 West Franklin Avenue.  A Sunday School was organized by Rev. F.W. Bradley in October 1907 and had 80 members. 

As the new church grew, more classrooms were added.

Sometime after a Christmas Eve party in 1926, the church burned to the ground.  Only $3500 of the loss was insured and the church was not rebuilt.  However, Sunday School resumed immediately at the Community House of the Gray-Parkdale Mill which was later purchased by the church in 1929. It was at this time that the church was renamed as a memorial to Rev. F.W. Bradley whose involvement had been so instrumental in the church’s success.

In 1929, ground was broken for a new sanctuary, but the onset of the Great Depression followed by WWII delayed building until 1950.  The Linwood property which was to be the site of the new sanctuary was sold in 1936 and the land for the present-day sanctuary was purchased.

 In the 1960’s the Children’s Building was added; the 1970’s saw the construction of a new parsonage and the razing of the Community House to build the Educational Building/Fellowship Hall. 

In 1998, the Christian Life Center was completed.

These facilities have provided ministry space for years for all ages.  The ministries have touched the lives of generations of church members, visitors, and community members.

The church continues to proclaim the Good News of the love, power, and grace of God, shown in and through Jesus Christ.  In 2023, the church disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church and became Bradley Church, a congregation of the Global Methodist Church.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a people so in love with Christ and each other, and so equipped in Word and Spirit, that we accept God’s call to share our resources and ourselves to make disciples for Christ and to help all become fully alive.


Our Mission

The mission of Bradley Church is to grow in our love for God through radiant and meaningful worship and fellowship, and personal spiritual discovery and development, so that we are enabled to offer ministries that demonstrate God’s love and meet the needs of our congregation and community.

Our Beliefs

We firmly believe in the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus was God’s Son, born to the Virgin Mary, who was sent to redeem the world through his death and resurrection.

We believe that it is only through our faith in the salvation offered through Christ, the perfect sacrifice, that we may be reconciled to God, to live eternally in His presence.

We believe that everything we have is a gift from God, an expression of His love.

We believe that our response to God’s love should be to radiate love for Christ and for others, through our words and our actions.

We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God.  We believe the Bible is still relevant today and the primary rule and authority for faith, orals, service, and growing in a spirit-led life. 

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